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We are very happy to announce an exciting project sponsored by PCR Web Design. BabyTriana.com is a free resource for parents of babies and small children so they can create a personalized website for them. With minimal effort, in just minutes, parents can create an online baby book. An online baby book is a great tool for parents to share their children development with family and friends. With BabyTriana.com is effortless and safe thanks to BabyTriana's privacy protection and friendly interface.

Babytriana mashup

Some of the features that make BabyTriana.com unique are:

And many more. Read the complete feature list at http://babytriana.com/features

BabyTriana.com is inspired by our daughter Triana. We created a baby website for her and after the encouraging feedback by other parents we decided to share this tool with everyone so all of you parents can enjoy and your babies can have their very own website. BabyTriana is a non-profit project.

Best of all, BabyTriana.com is FREE for everyone. Start your baby's online baby book now!